You could hear the sea when the ravens stop singing
but that day the low cloud deadened everything
she climbed to see the view and a week later the helicopter flew
and the river was trawled just below Rebecca Falls.

And now the detective scans the plain, watches the
lovers walk in the rain
searching for a fox in his castle of green, asking the suspect where he's been
he says he was home but he can't be sure someone had seen
him out on the moorwhere the law creeps and death walks tall
on the climb to Rebecca Falls.

And the wind is moaning somebody's name and the fox is
saying he's not to blame
girls disappear all of the time, there's nothing to say there's been a crime
where is the body, where is this girl? Its just shadows and
noises in your little worldand high above the raven calls
on the climb to Rebecca Falls.

And the windows rattle and Kathy's ghost whispers
secrets to her foxy host
the detective strains to hear them both and can't tell her love from his oath
Venus' train was all he could glean but he has no idea who that could mean
and he tried to listen but heard nothing at all
on the climb to Rebecca Falls.

So he pulled his hat down over his eyes and pushed
his way into the rainy night
the mud at his feet dragged him down on his way to the nearest town
but the quagmire bound him and held him fast and Death
walked with him through his past
where the moon's too big and the sun's too small
on the climb to Rebecca Falls.

Queen Mab and her court attended the dance and flashed
on the peripheryhis glance
and the sodden clothes weighed him down so he stripped them
off and was raised from the ground
by the ghostly crew and the spirits released and the wild moor
cannot be policed where age runs away and time crawls
on the climb to Rebecca Falls.

And it was some months later they found the girl's remains and they drew their conclusions from the tatters and stains
but no one looked and no one found the detective lying in the boggy ground
and no one ever asked about he castle of green and
no one ever asked if the fox had been seen
now sometimes tourists climb over broken down walls
on the climb to Rebecca Falls.